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General Laudon Exhibition


The General Laudon Exhibition is situated in the restored Laudon’s House on Masaryk Square No 45, which also houses the Visitor’s Centre of Nový Jičín –Town of Hats, an organisational unit of the Town of Nový Jičín

This exhibition will take you through all the phases of the general’s life and will also describe the character of this specific period of history.

The interactive exhibition is conceived for young visitors and also for history experts.

“A great army gathered in the area surrounding Nový Jičín in 1790. Marshal Laudon was to use this army to try to recover Silesia for Austria. During a military inspection of the fortifications at the end of June, Laudon fell ill and had to be transported to Nový Jičín where he took to his bed. He died in Nový Jičín on 14th July. In 1800 a dance and music hall was established on the upper floor of the house – reputedly the second largest in Moravia, right after one in Brno. The house was converted into a pub at the beginning of the 19th century. The current memorial plaque and a bust of Marshal Laudon on the house were revealed on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Laudon’s death”.

Laudon’s House, in which Laudon died, became the natural place for a memorial to this popular military leader.

Jaroslav Zezulčík, author of the exhibition: “Laudon is such a famous name, as I have verified from my travels around Central Europe, that not using this name and disregarding it, would be a tremendous sin for this town. We want this to be a live house, not a museum,” historian Jaroslav Zezulčík stated.

General Laudon rides through the village